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Andhra Sweets


Andhra Pradesh is known for its rich cultural heritage and delicious cuisine. One of the most important aspects of Andhra cuisine is its sweets, which are an integral part of the region's food culture. From traditional sweets like Ariselu and Pootharekulu to modern sweets, Andhra has a wide range of sweets to offer. Below is the list of Andhra famous Sweets.

Andhra Pradesh Famous Sweets :

  1. Ariselu:  This is a  traditional and delicious sweet which is made of rice flour, jaggery, and ghee. Ariselu is a special sweet that is usually enjoyed during festivals like Sankranti, Diwali, Dussehra and on special occasions.
  2. Pootharekulu: This Andhra Sweet,  Pootharekulu is a  thin and crispy sweet wafer made using rice flour, jaggery, Dry Fruits and ghee. This sweet is  very delicious and popular in Andhra Pradesh.
  3. Kajjikayalu: This traditional Andhra Sweet is  filled with mixture of Dried Coconut, Jaggery and nuts. They are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, making them a perfect snack. Kajjikayalu are made during festivals and on special Occasions.
  4. Bobbatlu: This sweet Bobbatlu, famous Andhra Sweet is a flatbread made using a mixture of chana dal, jaggery, Ghee and spices. They are usually enjoyed as a snack and are prepared on special occasions. 
    Bobbatlu - Andhra  Sweet
  5. Sunnundalu: This sweet Sunnundalu made using urad dal, pure Ghee and jaggery. They are shaped into small round balls and are popular for festivals and special occasions.
  6. Rava Laddu: Main ingredients used to make Ravva Laddu are semolina, ghee, and sugar. They are shaped into small round balls and is a popular sweet for festivals.
    Ravva Laddu
  7. Tapeswaram Kaja:  This famous sweet Tapeswaram Kaja from Andhra  is made using Maida, sugar, and ghee. It is shaped into a twisted coil and is a popular sweet for festivals and special occasions.
    Tapeswaram Kaja  Sweet
  8. Gavvalu: This Andhra sweet is made of Maida, ghee, and sugar/Jaggery. Gavvalu are usually shaped into small crescent moons and are a popular snack in Andhra Pradesh.
    Gavvalu - Andhra Sweet
  9. Badusha: This sweet Badusha made using Maida, Ghee, and Sugar. They are shaped into small round balls and is a popular sweet for festivals and special occasions.
  10. Bandar Laddu: This Sweet Bandar laddu also called as Tokkudu laddu made of Besan Flour, Ghee, Cardamom Powder and Jaggery/Sugar. Used as a snack item and made during special occasions.
    Bandar Laddu


Andhra Pradesh's sweets are a reflection of the state's rich cultural heritage and delicious cuisine.  So, the next time you visit Andhra Pradesh, make sure to try some of these Andhra Pradesh Famous Sweets.

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