About Us

Estaa comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Esta,’ which represents purity and like-ability. Our motive is to provide fresh and hygienic delicacies to our customers. We have been offering pure and superior quality Sweets/Namkeens to our customers for the past two decades. We are convinced that the only way to live up to our identity is to provide our customers what they expect. The taste of each item is personally looked after by specialists to carry the rich tradition with no compromise in the taste, hygiene, quality, freshness and, making it a true value for money purchase. Estaa is a new Bengaluru-based brand that aims to gather ideas in the market for traditionally made, handcrafted sweets and savories with an authentic taste. We have stores in Whitefield, Marathalli, and Sarjapur road, and we have a strong belief in spreading love through our delicacies.

Journey So Far
Our journey from a sweets manufacturer to introducing our brand has been effortless. We have been the backbone of the success of many major sweet industries. Our high-quality, tasty products are the key to our success. We’ve always strived for perfection since the beginning.

The Secret
We constantly provide fresh, traditional, and superior taste, and our prices are reasonable. We still want to think that this is the “secret” to our success.
Pure ghee is the main ingredient in our signature sweet taste. Not only that, but this ghee is made from buffalo milk, which is thicker, tastier, and lower in cholesterol than cow milk. Customers will also be able to store the sweets for a longer period.

We Value You
We have fulfilled what we set out to do in producing a high-quality product that customers like. This is possible thanks to you, as a regular customer. We promise to continue to maintain our high standards when it comes to quality for you. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you and hope that we achieved your expectations.
We understand our customers and appreciate their faith in us. Since our beginnings, we have been a trustworthy, genuine, and high-quality brand. We want to keep growing by constantly working on ourselves and for the improvement and growth of our customers.

Our Story
As we started growing, we added more specialists to our team. Our ultimate aim has been to build new flavours and cater to those with sweet tooth. Quality is checked at every stage, from raw materials to the final process, with no compromises. Another reason for our success is the regular upgrading of kitchen equipment and the maintenance of the highest quality and hygiene. Expertise matched with the quality provided us with a leading platform to continue to rise to new heights.

Yours Truly
With customer satisfaction and high quality as our core beliefs, each member of our team pays close attention. From the selection of raw materials and ingredients to the manufacturing process, hygienic conditions are maintained. The taste of each item is personally attended by specialists to carry on the rich tradition with no compromise in their taste, hygiene, quality, and freshness, making it a true value for money purchase. We promise to continue serving high-quality products made with the best quality to meet our customer’s modern tastes. As a result, we maintain trustworthiness while preserving the traditional flavor of each product we serve.

Why choose us
1. Always rich in taste and carried forward through generations of tradition.
2. Precise Packaging; to allow you to share our goodness with your entire family by keeping our consumables fresh for consumption.
3. Quality; no compromise, only the best.

What Do We Care For?
Both in our workplace and our shop, we follow strict safety measures. We have a well-trained team that focuses on flavor consistency and speed of service.

Our Approach
Our purpose has always been to provide the highest quality sweets to our customers, manufactured with the highest quality ingredients sourced from vendors.
Our business is professionally managed and follows top industry procedures. Our motto is “Quality Customer Service,” which motivates us to service thousands of happy customers every day. Our highly experienced professionals have performed significant research into the art of developing a variety of unique sweets with better procedures and quality. We continue to stay up with trust and loyalty to our customer’s needs, wants, and demands.