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Dry Fruits - Ghee & Dry Fruit Sweets Gift Box(450gms)

Dry Fruits - Ghee & Dry Fruit Sweets Gift Box(450gms)

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Are you looking for a perfect gift that is both Healthy and Delicious for this festive season ? Our Assorted Dry Fruits , Ghee and Dry Fruit Sweets are the best choice. At Estaa, Sweets are handcrafted from premium quality Ingredients.

Each Box contains assorted Dry Fruits, Ghee and Dry Fruit Sweets. Each and every sweet is crafted carefully to balance the sweetness and nuttiness, making them a perfect snack.

These sweets are not only delicious but are also a great source of Vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. Also, these are free from preservatives and artificial flavors, ensuring that you get only the best and healthiest treats.

Assorted Dry Fruits, Ghee and Dry Fruit Sweets Gift box is a perfect gift for any occasion.

 Items in the Box

Dry Fruits(100gms)
Cashew(50gms), Almonds (50gms)

Dry Fruit Sweets(175 gms)
Kaju Katli, Kesar Anjeer Roll, Kaju Roll, Kaju FLower, Kaju Apple, Badam Bite

Ghee Sweets(175gms)

Motichur Laddu, Mysore Pak, Horlicks Burfi, Ice Cream Burfi, Dharwad Peda


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