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Pootharekulu is a traditional andĀ  popular sweet from Andhra Pradesh, India. This delicious Andhra Sweet is made of crispy thin wafer made of rice starch which is molded into rectangular shape and stuffed with Sugar/Jaggery, Dry FruitsĀ etc. This famous Telugu sweet Pootharekulu is also called paper sweet and made during festivals, weddings and on religious occasions. Below is the list of different types of Pootharekulu.

Types of Pootharekulu

  1. Sugar Pootharekulu: This sweet is made of rice starch, Sugar and Pure Ghee. It's simple flavor and crispy texture make it a perfect snack for any time of the day.

  2. Jaggery Pootharekulu: This sweet is made of rich starch, Jaggery and Pure Ghee. Its unique shape, and Jaggery taste make it a favorite among sweet lovers.

  3. Sugar Dry Fruit Pootharekulu: This is made of thin wafer of rice starch, Sugar, Dry Fruits and Pure Ghee.Ā  Its rich flavor and delicate texture with Dry fruits makes it a perfect sweet for special occasions and celebrations.

  4. Jaggery Dry Fruit Pootharekulu:Ā This is made of rice starch, Jaggery, Dry Fruits and Pure Ghee. The combination of Dry fruits and Jaggery wrapped in a thin wafer of rice starch makes it taste very delicious.


Pootharekulu is a sweet treat with a rich history and available in different varieties. From Simple Plain Sugar Pootharekulu to premium Dry Fruit Jaggery Pootharekulu, different options available to suit everyone's taste. Whether you're looking for a snack to enjoy during the day or a sweet treat for special occasions, Pootharekulu is the perfect choice. So, order your favorite PootharekuluĀ online from a reputable online sweets store and taste the sweet diversity of this traditional treat.

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